SNP accused of making Scotland’s hospitals too clean for Norovirus to survive ‘deliberately’ as 600 beds are closed every day in England!

NOT Reported by BBC Scotland…

Talking-up Scotland

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On behalf of the poor wee health correspondents at Reporting Scotland Down and at the Herald, I’ve searched and searched for evidence of a Norovirus ‘crisis’ in NHS Scotland. It’s just not there. Even Miles Briggs can’t seem to find any for them and if he can’t no one can.

You’ll see above and in several other MSM reports on NHS England and Wales, that Norovirus is rampant in many hospitals. In one case, the response was a dramatic ‘black alert’:

‘It comes as bosses at Royal Cornwall Hospital was forced to book hotel rooms for patients as space on the wards began running out. Details of the “extraordinary action” were revealed in a briefing note provided to Cornwall councillors by the hospital trust’s chief exec Kate Shields last week. Staff were ordered to reserve ten rooms at local hotels after the hospital declared an OPEL 4 status –…

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