He’s done it! BBC Scotland’s propaganda summed up in a few well-chosen words

Want informed information? Avoid BBC Scotland. Avoid BBC

Talking-up Scotland

I’m going to be honest with you. You can trust me.

From reader velofello, responding to my flabbier critique of Glen Campbell lying about the Scottish Government:

So A&E England have a “cuts and bruises” only category of clinic, and these are included in the waiting time stats. for general A&E stats? Does help shield the reality.

Drugs-related deaths in Scotland include any deceased person who has been taking prescribed medicinal drugs, by their doctor? Pretty well most over 60’s take some form of medication I’d wager. Me too.

Business contract agreements: A fully defined scope and design? Negotiate a lump sum contract. In a hurry? Design not fully completed, but want to press on? Avoid a lump sum contract, the contractor, if astute, will take you to the cleaners for each change you forward to them. And yes, I’ve done it! So which contract form is it with…

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