The political plague… Why is the BBC giving fascist populist Farage platforms?

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The coronavirus is dominating the news schedules. It has even shoved the Alex Salmond trial off the headlines, and when a story is so big that the British media are distracted from all their SNPBaaaaad Christmasses come at once, you know it must be serious. Everyone who has a passing interest in Scottish politics was expecting that the Salmond trial would receive wall to wall coverage and no other story would get a look in. But instead it’s been bumped far down the schedules, and it’s easy to miss if you’re not paying close attention. That’s how serious a story the coronavirus is.

So you might think then that when dealing with a gravely serious story that the media, especially a public broadcaster like the BBC, should be finding equally gravely serious experts to inform us about the realities of the epidemic. You know the kind of thing, professors of…

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