Astonishing defence of Johnson’s wrong herd immunity strategy and attack on First Minister

Talking-up Scotland

Iain Macwhirter, for reasons not apparent to me, has launched into this difficult topic with a stupid headline. No one is suggesting that the Johnson regime is actively trying to kill old people but many are saying that his preferred ‘herd immunity’ strategy will have that very effect of culling the old, the ill and the poor.

His piece is all about supposed political manoeuvering by the First Minister to attempt to stay onside. Does anyone actually believe that she does not really care and is just another self-centred cynical, callous, political creature indistinguishable from Johnson?

Astonishingly, he portrays her reacting to events as they unfold at speed, to cancel events and to conserve police and ambulance resources for worse to come, as letting the wisdom of crowds take over. Does anyone else read that his way?

Later he defends the Prime Minister’s insensitive language of ‘taking it on the…

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