Collateral damage would be your elderly relatives, your neighbour with a respiratory problem, and your friend with a compromised immune system.

Wee Ginger Dugfridge

#BorisTheButcher is trending on social media. All politians are vain, you have to have a bit of an ego to want to subject yourself to the kind of scrutiny that politicians come under. Boris Johnson has more of an ego than the rest of them put together. He wants to be remembered in the history books as the great leader who took the UK out of the EU and into the sunlit uplands of Empire 2.0. Instead he’ll be remembered as the bumbling buffoon who presided over a government which many claim has callously risked the lives of millions of British citizens in order to protect the financial interests of the wealthy while it stumbled its way through a crisis.  Read more: Wee Ginger Dug


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