Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet


by Wee Ginger Dug

I want an independence referendum as soon as possible, but even more than that I want to win it when it comes. There’s little point in bouncing the Scottish Government into a referendum when the circumstances needed to win it are not in place. Although I was, like many, disappointed at the seeming lack of urgency about pressing for another referendum from the Scottish Government after its resounding victory in last December’s Westminster General Election, with the benefit of hindsight I am relieved that we didn’t go all out for one. That’s the problem with politics, you can so easily be overtaken by unexpected or unforeseen events. This is exactly what has happened with the coronavirus outbreak. It’s a classic ‘black swan’ event that no one saw coming.

It’s time for some realism. We can’t have an independence referendum this year, and we can’t feasibly have one until this health…

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