BBC Scotland fail to report honestly on coronavirus risks to care of disabled

Will BBC Scotland research a story like real journalists.

Talking-up Scotland

Jeff Adamson, Chair of SACT

From BBC Scotland this morning:

‘And there’s particular concern for those of us who have underlying health issues especially those who receive care in the home. According to figures published last year by the NHS, 68 000 people received home care in Scotland. Some disabled people are saying it’s not clear what will happen if their support system collapses.’

Then we get an extended anxiety-inducing interview with one person.

We do not hear what evidence BBC Scotland has for the ‘particular concern’ they say is ‘out there.’ There are 759 000 adult carers in Scotland, according to the Carers Trust Scotland. There are 171 cases of coronavirus in Scotland. Some of these may be carers but at worst the actual news today could only be that a tiny percentage of carers is infected. Even if all 171 cases were carers, that would be only…

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