BBC Scotland fakes news about Glasgow’s super hospital again as it saves lives way beyond what others in the UK have achieved

 BBC is a danger to the public… This is no time for its continued misinformation on Scottish affairs…

Talking-up Scotland

With only 2 of 91 cases resulting in fatality, Greater Glasgow and Clyde has a mortality rate of only 11 per 1 000, below the Scottish average of 18 and way below the UK average of 54 deaths per 1 000, yet one Glasgow doctor became a headline to malign the reputation of its super hospital.

That hugely impressive performance in saving lives deserves praise and not this foul-smelling attack fuelled by a single doctor who is either media-naive or has some agenda.

How did this story get to BBC Scotland? Did Dr Henderson approach them rather than the hospital management. Does someone at BBC Scotland know her? Was an opposition politician part of this?

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