Repeat: ‘Settle up NOT settle down’: What IS Pete Wishart doing in the Palace of Westminster?

Talking-up Scotland

I wrote this last July. As Pete Wishart MP feuds with the wider Yes movement again, it might be of interest to any who didn’t see it then.

Yesterday, in the Constitutional Affairs committee, Wishart flirted with Rees-Mogg:

‘Could I obviously warmly welcome him to this place. He’s the fifth leader I’ve had, in my fourth year, but I would have to say that he is by far the most exotic.’

Note the sense of belonging comfortably in ‘this place’, in Wishart’s words. Rees-Mogg may seem exotic but we know he is really a cold reactionary politician who despises the left-of-centre democratic values of the SNP. He was rewarded by laughter and reciprocal warmth from the Tory front bench:

A delighted Rees-Mogg was then enabled to witter on about the parliament’s long history going back to 1265 and to refer to Wishart as ‘the honourable gentleman is a very good…

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