The hypocrisy of British nationalists in Scotland

Hypocrisy on Stilts

Wee Ginger Dug

If you were writing the script for a movie about a global pandemic, you’d not look to the British Government as a model for your plot. This is because no one would seriously believe that a government could be so incompetent, chaotic, and confused. This is a serious movie about a serious health issue, your script editor would tell you, not an end of the pier farce.

From the very beginning, those in charge in the British Government have acted irresponsibly. The Prime Minister was absent much of the time, aides were told to keep briefing papers short because he lacked the interest to read anything longer than a sheet of paper. We learned on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme last night that despite his assertions to the contrary, Johnson told his Italian counterpart that the UK was planning to pursue a policy of herd immunity. That policy has had disastrous…

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