Only 7.4% of Scots watch Reporting Scotland and nearly two thirds do not rate BBC Scotland’s portrayal of Scotland

Talking-up Scotland

Is Scotland portrayed at all in that cover? Killing Eve’s psychokiller did visit a horrific baronial castle and golf course with guys in kilts for her too say ‘ooo!’ at, so that’d help.

In Ofcom’s annual report, we see:

However, people in Scotland continue to rate the BBC’s delivery of the range of content representing Scotland (41% Scotland vs. 49% UK average) and the
portrayal of Scotland (38% Scotland vs. 50% UK average) below average
. (P67)

The BBC has identified some ‘less satisfied’ audience groups, which are largely in line with those we have highlighted in each of our annual reports on the BBC, including those in lower socio-economic groups, audiences in Scotland and disabled people. (P33)

Scotland: The proportion of qualifying spend (10.4% to 9.1%) and hours (16.7% to 15.1%) both fell but remain above the quota. Qualifying programmes made in Scotland included…

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