Brexit Day

Only England can save itself…

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

‘BREXIT WILL NOT HAPPEN,’ said a fellow Scottish independentista to me a few months back, before explaining her case in full. Yet, during her informed and passionate explanation, I found my mind wandering to the idea of Chekhov’s gun; the concept – to boil it down a little – which says that if there’s a gun in scene one, someone will be pumped full of lead by scene three. While she set out her reasons for why Brexit would never actually happen, my mind wasn’t buying it. There was a certain grim inevitability in the threat made real by England’s referendum decision. Somehow, and we can’t get into all the details here, Britain was going to leave the European Union the moment it decided it would. Sure, there were frustrations and delays, there was political chaos, economic panic, and social anxiety, but in the act of…

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