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it was, I believe, the American author and critic H L Mencken who quipped, in relation to the tabloid press,that no one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the public, and likewise no one ever went broke by underestimating the self regarding callow cruelty of a Conservative MP. Having being, rightly, heavily and severely castigated on social media following their appalling decision to vote to deprive the poorest children of free school meals.The Tories have reflected and have decided that it’s them who are the real victims here.the poor things, you can’t even steal food out of the mouths of babies these days without someone calling you out for it. It’spolitical correctness gone mad,after all it’s the duty of politicians to take these difficult decisions so that SERCO shareholders don’t suffer and so that the partners and associates of Conservative MPs can continue to rake in millions in…

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‘Who am I to Judge?’

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

TRANSGENDER PEOPLE and their experiences as a minority in our society have not featured greatly in my own experience of the world. Over the last few years, however, we have all become aware of a growing debate concerning the rights of trans people, and more particularly where these rights come into conflict – or are perceived to come into conflict – with the hard-won rights of women. This deeply polarising discussion has swept through the Scottish independence movement, causing division and a bitter and entrenched fight between trans rights activists and women’s rights activists who make the case that men cannot become women and therefore cannot access female spaces or occupy the same spheres of gender and socio-historical experience as women. Not fully understanding the complexities of the discussion, and as someone not belonging to either of these groups, I was content to remain silent and…

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What does it take to make a Tory?

I have questions

On the Rees-Mogg scale of slappably smug pitilessness where ten is a creature that can be loved only by a Nanny on bonus and zero is Marcus Rashford, where might we place the Tory MP who casually suggested that the unemployed should be sterilised – presumably at their own expense – and who imparted the peculiar wisdom that feeding children is a bad idea because it is likely to increase dependency – presumably on food? I have eleven! Do I hear twelve? I think we can agree that the scale may need to be recalibrated to accommodate Ben Bradley.

Leaving aside for the moment the abhorrent vacuum where human empathy should reside – we’ll come back to this once I’ve scoured the thesaurus for appropriate adjectives – I have questions. How does a person like Ben Bradley get to be a person like Ben Bradley? How do we explain such…

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Why are you not a member?

It is an absolutely silly question. Writing as I do, openly and honestly I would have a membership life expectancy of days as a member if I was. Nothing happens if you plot to bring down a former leader and First Minister but write a few lines against the NEC and you are a dead duck! Let’s look at it though and you can decide if I did the wrong thing not renewing my membership.

The most common suggestion is “Why not stay a member and change it from the inside?” How practical is that? Let’s look at some of the key issues at the moment.

I think these would all qualify as major issues

  1. The organised fit up of Alex Salmond by senior members of the SNP attempting to jail him, potentially for the rest of his life, on a litany of false…

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coming down with a severe case of the bunting

Wee Ginger Dug

isdom’, has decided to publish a story which exposes an elderly woman to mockery,and which also illustrates the utterly pathetic nature of modern British nationalism and its desperate attempts to weaponise bunting and to make everything about WW2 because that was the last, an indeed possibly the only, time that the British were unarguably the good guys, and even then that was only because the UK was up against the actual fucking Nazis. https://twitter.com/Telegraph/status/1319342959062622210 according to a woman, Maureen Eames, who was two years old duringWW2 ,we should notpay heed to Covid restrictions because during the war we were bombed in the blitz and we didn’t give in. We didn’t surrender then and we shouldn’t now. We went into shelters then we went back to work. That’s what we have to do now.” opined Maureen I believe that people made quite dramatic lifestyle changes during WW2, or am I missing…

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IAIN Lawson’s blog is full of information and facts on many topics, not least independence, and it has also shown support for Scottish women’s plight under the onslaught of the GRA Reform legislation that has been put to one side for now, but which is certain to make its appearance again after the 2021 Scottish election, especially if there is a large win for the SNP.

Asmost people who are avid blog followers know, but, as much of the wider population of Scotland does not appear to know, there is now a serious threat to women’s very existence from the proposed GRA reform and ‘hate crime’ legislation, which may seem as if they have been set aside, but that is actually far from the case, and a big win for the SNP, in 2021, will almost certainly see them revived with a vengeance


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Where they are? Those responsible for the mess that the NEC has become? Sometimes I get called all sorts, and then some, from a multitude of posters who I know nothing about. The only thing I know for sure are they are not members of the NEC.

It seems they can be safely deployed against what I am saying. They can claim everything I am saying is inaccurate, not true, false, take your pick. These are folk who have never been on the NEC, never been near being on the NEC, have not a scooby about what has really been going on, or more accurately what has not been going on. They are the useful token force all too ready to “die for the Party” arguing a case that doesn’t exist but full of accusations and insults that those who point an…

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By far the biggest is that SNP supporters expect every article to be positive about the Party. I would love that as well but what you are looking for there is a fanzine not a blog.

My blog is designed to praise all that is good and newsworthy and to chastise, expose and condemn anything I think is going wrong and damaging our drive for Independence. Note the phrasing “anything I think”, that is, it is my personal blog. Saying that, people hold the ultimate control, whether to read it or not!

Recently of course there have been more negative articles than positive ones, if you go back a bit further there was an imbalance the other way, with far more positive articles. Interestingly nobody complained then. I have no need of popularity, this is my hobby, I have no intention of…

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Wee Ginger Rehab Fundraiser is now live

Wee Ginger Dug

This stroke has left me paralized down one side. It is still too early to say whether I will be left with a permanent disability but it is a very real possibility. What worries me most is that I live in a top floor tenement flat which is now totally unsuitable for my changed circumstances. I am doing this crowdfunder to raise money to put towards buying a wee cottage or a ground floor flat that can be adapted to my needs. I hope to raise £50,000 which is around what I would need after selling my wee Barlanark flat. It is a huge amount of money and I really don’t want to seem greedy or unreasonable. I am more grateful than you can posssibly imagine for all the love and support, it has far lifted my battered spirits.

You can donate directly to the crowdfunder on gofundme by clicking…

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There is host of differences between Scotland and England when it comes to dealing with Covid. Let’s look at a few of them.


Nicola has been justly praised for her communication. Throughout the crisis her message has been clear, her early commitment to explaining the thinking behind the decisions has been well received and has led to widespread public support for most of the measures that have been introduced. Jeanne Freeman has also been very effective.

In England the communication errors would be high up the list of Government failures. Messaging has been confused, the public have lost faith in the politicians and that has led to the explosion in infection levels. Now that crisis point has arrived, the UK Government have finally appointed a head communicator to take over the messaging. The good news for her is she can hardly do worse.


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