Lets Unleash the BBC’s Potential – Addressing the Nation – The Words and Not the Words of the BBC Director General


Fake news endangers democracy and lives, says BBC boss - The National

23 Jul 2020: Lets Unleash the BBC’s Potential and Help Global Britain

BBC Director General – Tony Hall addressed the nation with an article he first sent to The Telegraph then reproduced it in the BBC blog.

The content reveals the stupeyfying insensibility of the BBC Corporation which seeks to greatly expand its investment in services that have sod all to do with the provision of entertainment and news to the British taxpayer who is required by law to purchase an annual licence.  The BBC should reverse its expansionist eegime and divert money saved to the provision of free viewing of all BBC programming to pensioners aged over 75.  Full article here: Well worth a read


A Comment: 100% of the news produced by the BBC is not fake it is just economical with the truth.

Former BBC Newsnight and Panorama journalist claims the BBC are ...

I spoofed the article redrafting it, in part, providing a more jaundiced view…

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Settled Will

But this weeks events – in particular the plans to enshrine the neutering of Scotland’s democracy in law – means that May will be too late. Brexit will have happened, our powers will be in London, and we will have lost the protections afforded by the EU.
What me must therefore do is something that is within our power to do, and bring the election forward to this Autumn. We’d then return a majority and begin the process. Read more: https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/07/11/settled-will/


Glasgow stabbings: Scottish Labour’s shady connections with the asylum seeker landlords and an SNP protest

The Tusker [Talking-up Scotland Collective]

This sent to us by a follower of the blog who prefers to stay anonymous.

The Glasgow asylum landlords, Mears Group, accused of dumping vulnerable refugees in hotels with no screening for mental health conditions and without financial support has connections with Scottish Labour, exposed in February 2019.

The link to the full account is below but these extracts are shocking and more so in the light of what has been happening recently:

In Scotland, Mears has a majorcontractwith North Lanarskhire Council, worth an estimated £445 million over ten years, to maintain the council’s36,500 council homes, as well as schools and public buildings.

The contract started in January 2011, as a “partnership deal” between the council and a company called Morrison Facilities Services Ltd, a subsidiary of Anglian Water. In 2012, Mears bought out Morrison and took over the deal. The joint venture is now…

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Winning Independence


Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

Something to argue about.

A crucial ingredient of political success is being in touch with the public mood. Easier said than done. Political parties like Labour fell off a cliff when they called it wrong, badly wrong, in 2013, and found themselves on the wrong side of the argument siding with the Tories in the 2014 Referendum. Since then they have doubled down on that error and are entirely marginalized in Scotland as a result. So marginalized, that Labour in England, have written them off and many want them removed from the central funding pool in future General Elections. Labour in Scotland have always performed as lapdogs of the Party down south as long as they could continue to slurp from the big bowl. That is now at risk.

We never must become like Labour and make the same mistakes. The failure of Labour’s…

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In the UK, statues matter more than people

Wee Ginger Dug

Our part time Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has responded quickly, decisively, and with aclarity to a threat. Huzzah! Hurrah! It’s just a pity that the threat he’s responded to is not a threat to your actual human lives. It’s a threat to some statues. Johnson is far more concerned about a threat to some inanimate objects than he was worried about averting the huge and ever increasing death toll from Covid-19. Although since his cabinet is populated with statues lacking in anything approaching human feelings, or indeed in most cases sentience, that’s possibly not surprising.

Incidentally, and while we’re talking about statues. Scotland is fair littered with the statues of slavers, imperialists, and colonialists. But nowhere in Scotland will you find a statue to one of this country’s greatest sons, the socialist, trade unionist, and anti-imperialist James Connelly who was born and raised in Edinburgh. The Tories…

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Dugcast fae the dughoose – with Prof John Robertson

Wee Ginger Dug

Welcome to this week’s edition of the dugcast. This week I’m joined online by Professor John Robertson of the TalkingUpScotland blog. John is perhaps best known for his critique of BBC bias during the independence referendum campaign, a critique which it’s fair to say that the BBC did not take at all well.

John and I appeared together in the 2015 documentary London Calling about BBC bias during the independence referendum campaign. It’s why you’ll never see either of us on the telly! In this week’s podcast we chat about the media in Scotland, the British government’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic, and statues and buildings which commemorate oppressors and colonialists. There were a few issues with the sound quality at John’s end, I hope it doesn’t spoil your listening too much.

Follow John’s blog at


If anyone can give me advice on how to set up an RSS…

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This Is Not Good Enough

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

MANY ON THIS SIDE OF THE ATLANTIC, no doubt, will say this is none of their business; that what is right now happening on the streets of cities right across the United States is not their concern, that they have enough to worry about in their own country – especially in the middle of lockdown, in the midst of a global pandemic. Sure, part of me understands this. Some of those I have spoken with about the latest wave of Black Lives Matter protests have aired the exact same thoughts I have had myself, that this is dominating social media and the news over here only because America hogs the limelight, that we are sick and tired of the US embarrassing itself on the global stage, and that, well, didn’t they vote for Donald Trump? What did they expect?

But this just is not good…

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Will the flockers just flock off?

Peter A Bell

Everyone who makes the journey from No to Yes is, of course, very welcome. But it is relevant to consider their reason(s) for doing so and what prompted them to start that journey. This is important for at least two reasons. Obviously, understanding what it is that makes people begin to question their attitude to independence and to Scotland will be helpful in devising a campaign aimed at encouraging more former No voters to make the journey to Yes. But it is important, too, that we understand the nature of that change. It is crucial that a cause be mindful of the character and quality of its support and not just the numbers.

Let me make it clear that, unless so stated, none of what follows relates specifically to Rhona Duffy who writes in today’s National of her own personal journey from No to Yes. I am thinking in very…

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The hypocrisy of British nationalists in Scotland

Hypocrisy on Stilts

Wee Ginger Dug

If you were writing the script for a movie about a global pandemic, you’d not look to the British Government as a model for your plot. This is because no one would seriously believe that a government could be so incompetent, chaotic, and confused. This is a serious movie about a serious health issue, your script editor would tell you, not an end of the pier farce.

From the very beginning, those in charge in the British Government have acted irresponsibly. The Prime Minister was absent much of the time, aides were told to keep briefing papers short because he lacked the interest to read anything longer than a sheet of paper. We learned on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme last night that despite his assertions to the contrary, Johnson told his Italian counterpart that the UK was planning to pursue a policy of herd immunity. That policy has had disastrous…

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