A guest post from Dot Jessiman.

Thoughts ona Yearon the NEC

I came to the NEC with highhopes . I believedthe initiative of introducing regional representatives to the NEC as a direct link between leadership and grassrootswould inputdoorstep experience directly into campaign strategy,producingdifferent emphases in organising for rural and urban areas,supply appropriate campaignmaterial, andimprovetheappalling communication between the campaign strategists, HQ and the constituencies which had cost the northeast almost all of its rural seats in the 2016 General Election.

I hoped I could contribute my experience as a Programmer totackle the tardy organisation, particularly of candidate selection. However,it never crossed my mindthat more was needed than a thorough overhaul of campaign thinking to ensure we couldsupplythefocus and efficiencyrequiredbyTHE campaign we were assured was coming. I was concerned, but not seriously,by the lack of a strategic framework for IndyRef2 which reliedtoo heavilyon our opponents’mistakes to make our…

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