It is one of the most important jobs in politics. It determines who the candidates will be for your Party.

In Scotland at the moment it probably means picking the next Government. So it’s a very important task and it is crucial it is carried out fairly and without bias.

Back in the day I served on the Vetting Committee and I frequently supported the applications of people who represented different views and strategies to my own. My consideration was solely “Is this person a credible and capable person who can represent the Party effectively in any election contest and would be a diligent MP?”

How the process worked at that time was the Party created a Central Approved Candidates List, once you were on the list you could approach constituencies you were interested in. Likewise Constituencies had access to the list and could contact…

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Originally published in the National. Easily the best letter I have read this week.

Dear Sir,

In 1984 inOceania there was the inner party. In Scotland in 2020 there is the inner party. Kevin McKenna suggests that it is without pity. My concern would be that it appears to have a lack of morality.

In a way, it was a misfortune for the SNP to grow so quickly in the aftermath of the Referendum. What has previously been a small but active party grew into a party of which the headquarters were simply unable to deal with the growth, and for which the local branches had not the support to integrate the new members.

The much-vaunted direct democracy actually fell down in that while in the past the membership had known each other and could make informed choices, many members when confronted with a list…

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Will I ‘Wheesht for Indy’?

I have questions

Is wheeshting an answer? Is wheeshting a solution? Was it wheeshting which got our Parliament reconvened? Was it wheeshting that took that Parliament away from the British parties? Was it wheeshting that got us the first independence referendum? Was it wheeshting that gave birth to the Yes movement? Was it wheeshting which doubled support for the restoration of Scotland’s independence?

When was wheeshting ever an effective way of bringing about meaningful change? What great social reform was ever achieved by wheeshting?

Would I remain silent in the face of the British Nationalist threat to Scotland if that was the only way to avert that threat? Perhaps I would. But it is for those who tell me to ‘Wheesht for Indy’ to persuade me that my silence would somehow contribute to saving Scotland from that threat when the only evident beneficiaries of my silence are those who have demonstrated their unwillingness…

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It is inevitable that there will be questions surrounding the activities of any political party. Normally these cause little problem and can be easily answered and explained to the satisfaction of all, or certainly the vast majority.

The problems only start when the questions are not answered and when those who should be doing the answering and explaining hide behind a wall of silence and evasion.

Such action makes things invariably worse than they need be. It convinces those asking the questions that there is indeed something here that can’t be answered without revealing something quite major, embarrassing or very wrong indeed. If the questions being asked are on very serious topics it is highly unlikely avoidance in answering will be a successful strategy. The problem will escalate with those determined to get the answers and seeking the appropriate measures taken to solve the problem.

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Have you forgotten about it yet? That is the tactics, by now you are expected to have forgotten all about the NEC and “moved on”. Oh you were mad alright, many wrote in. How many got a reply? Not a lot of hands up I see. How many got an honest reply? Not a hand in sight.

What has happened to the SNP?. The party that for decades prided itself on its open, honest, accountable structure has been replaced by a NEC embroiled in internal plots, secret ballots that destroy all accountability, rule changes designed to pull a drawbridge up stopping any outsiders (for that read ordinary members) challenging those currently in power and make it very difficult to achieve personnel change.

To this end, they control the reconstructed NEC secretly blocking MP’s at Westminster contesting seats for Holyrood while dusting…

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Here are some facts

  1. Alex Salmond was falsely accused with multiple charges being made against him.
  2. Long before any trial the “charges” were maliciously leaked to a newspaper.
  3. This led to a media frenzy that championed the multi charges from so many different women as evidence there was no hope of acquittal.
  4. Throughout the trial media reports were extremely hostile largely reporting the prosecution evidence while ignoring the defence evidence that effectively destroyed the prosecution case.
  5. During the trial Mr Salmond’s defence team tried to lodge a number of WhatsApp messages that they argued proved a clearly planned conspiracy against him. The judge did not permit them to be lodged.
  6. The trial ended with every single charge being thrown out by a jury comprised of more women than men. Not a single charge was upheld.
  7. Much of the prosecution case was shown up…

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Little Bo Peep is losing her sheep – Is it Et Tu for Nicola Sturgeon


Alex Salmond's 'female problem' - or why most Scottish women wouldn't trust him to run a tea party

2014 Independence Referendum

Nicola Sturgeon was given the honour of leading the campaign for independence.

Referendum campaigning began with polls indicating “No” voters would prevail, a view promoted by the Unionist media and given maximum media space by the BBC, who bombarded Scotland with negative publicity broadcasting many times each day that only around 25% of Scots would commit to supporting independence.

In response, in the first months of 2014, the performance of the team Nicola had put in place was formal, lacklustre and deferential with result that it was completely outfoxed at every juncture by the well-oiled machine that was, “Better Together.”

Responding to months of the Unionist Party’s gutter politicking, negative media and attacks on Scots, Alex Salmond intervened and altering the campaigning strategy gave his support to “Yes” activists to take the lead on campaigning, getting onto the streets to encourage Scots to seize the day and…

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Britain’s Undoing

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

GREAT BRITAIN, the political incorporation of England (and England’s Wales) and Scotland under England’s suzerainty, was a move on the part of the Kingdom of England of quite some considerable genius. Making way for a brief period in European history known as l’hégémonie anglaise (1716-35), the eighteenth century architects of the British state – many of whom were truly gifted men – had the foresight to understand that the incorporation of Scotland into England qua Great Britain not only removed a potential colonial competitor, but also ended the possibility of England’s complete encirclement by hostile continental powers in the context of the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-11) – a time of real danger for the English state and the future of its apotheosised Protestant succession. Effectively swallowing Scotland, which at the time was in a regnal union with its southern neighbour, closed the backdoor to…

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1.Nicola sends an ultimatum to Boris stating that unless a Section 30 order is approved in sufficient time for an Independence Referendum to be held on the same day as the May 2021 elections, then the constituency vote in those elections will represent the substitute referendum where the Party winning the majority of seats wins a mandate for or against Independence.

2. If Westminster want the decision based on votes rather than seats then they must pass the Section 30 order with all speed otherwise it will be seats that will be the determining factor.
This ultimatum to be voted on by all members of the Scottish Parliament and Scots MP’s representing seats in Scotland to give it the maximum authority.

3. Great efforts to be made in Scotland to attract international support for this democratic method of allowing our people their international…

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Defying the bully

I have questions

The National and social media being replete with prematurely triumphalist tales of how the Union is on the verge of crumbling in a terminal spasm of panic not on account of any action taken by the Scottish Government, but because of “soaring” support for independence and the serial incompetence of the current British regime, Andrew Learmonth’s exclusive in today’s National provides a timely reminder that the British state is a beast that is never more dangerous than when it is cornered. The surge in financial support for British Nationalist organisation Scotland in Union is just a small indication of how those with a vested interest in keeping Scotland bound in the Union will respond if the campaign to restore Scotland’s independence looks like gaining ground.

Reports of the British state’s imminent and strangely spontaneous demise are, of course, greatly exaggerated. They serve only to convince the credulous that the SNP’s…

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