Scotland should be billing England $Billions for forcing us to base their toxic shit that they don’t want in their own backyard.


Photo by Fatih Al Haq on Pexels.com

Sir David Omand head of GCHQ

I had intended to write a serious response to his comments and warnings about our defence, security and intelligence services but as you will read laughter took over.

Thought I was travelling back in time yesterday. I was reading the latest “friendly warning” from Sir David Omand, the head of GCHQ who in a gesture of friendship to our country warned us against “magical thinking”

What was this I thought? The retelling of Cinderella’s story? No it was a modern version of the Big Bad Wolf and a fable of how defenseless poor wee Scotland would be if we found ourselves Independent and defenseless because Trident was no longer available for our protection. It set me wondering if all the other nations that lacked a hugely expensive, totally useless weapons system, you know like Germany, Italy, Greece…

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