Is federalism a workable solution for Scotland? NOPE!

Many people have asked us “is federalism a workable solution for Scotland?”. Federalism  has been discussed for several years and now, with the Scottish Labour Party suggesting it as an alternative to independence, it needs to be considered. We researched the facts and we found the following: 

The truth

Federalism requires the agreement of all member-states of the UK, it cannot be implemented by Scotland alone. With a Conservative majority in Westminster that does not back Federalism, such an agreement is highly-unlikely.  It’s also worth considering that under Federalism, Scotland’s political power would still be limited by a central government outside of Scotland. Therefore, many Scottish voters would not consider it as an alternative to independence.

The facts

Verdict? Full independence. Nothing less…

Sorry, nope. Full powers for Scotland that cannot be taken away or ‘adjusted’ over time…

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