Will I ‘Wheesht for Indy’?

Peter A Bell

Is wheeshting an answer? Is wheeshting a solution? Was it wheeshting which got our Parliament reconvened? Was it wheeshting that took that Parliament away from the British parties? Was it wheeshting that got us the first independence referendum? Was it wheeshting that gave birth to the Yes movement? Was it wheeshting which doubled support for the restoration of Scotland’s independence?

When was wheeshting ever an effective way of bringing about meaningful change? What great social reform was ever achieved by wheeshting?

Would I remain silent in the face of the British Nationalist threat to Scotland if that was the only way to avert that threat? Perhaps I would. But it is for those who tell me to ‘Wheesht for Indy’ to persuade me that my silence would somehow contribute to saving Scotland from that threat when the only evident beneficiaries of my silence are those who have demonstrated their unwillingness…

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