walking and chewing gum

Wee Ginger Dug

There was no landslide against Trump, which was disappointing. There may not be a final result for a week or two. Although at least Biden seems to be ahead, so all is not lost Despite four years during which the mango Mussolini, The Dumpster fire dictator has provided abundant evidence of his selfish stupidity, his compulsive lying, his whining petulance, his reckless disregard for anyone other than himself, his racism, his corruption and lawbreaking, the hard- on he has for dictators, and his utter unsuitability for public office yet, millions of people are prepared to put their mark next to his name on the ballot and say, “yes! I’ll have me four more years of that.

not that things are much better on this side of the Atlantic. in fact , for Scotland they are, in many ways, worse.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the corruption ,incompetence, and venality of…

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