Anger needs no visa

The Scottish government merely saying its disappointed being steamrollered over by Johnson just doesn’t cut it…

Wee Ginger Dug

This week we learned two things which are a result of Brexit. Well, I say “learned”. Both of them were entirely predictable. The first is that the British government has decided to adopt draconian immigration laws which will effectively prevent low skilled workers or people who don’t possess fluency in English from coming to the UK, and so putting at risk many economic sectors which have relied upon labour from EU countries. The second is that the EU isn’t going to do the UK any favours as it negotiates a final trade deal with Brexit Britain. Greece has signalled that it could veto any trade deal with the UK unless illegally acquired cultural artifacts are returned to Greece meaning that it could refuse to consent to any deal unless the Elgin Marbles are returned to Athens. Spain has stated that it could veto a deal unless the question of Spanish…

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