Being taken for a mug

Head of BBC Scotland Branch Donalda McKinnon to restore trust in the BBC in Scotland treating Scots like Mugs again…

Wee Ginger Dug

Yesterday we learned about the failure of Donalda McKinnon to restore trust in the BBC in Scotland, and the very same day there was even more evidence why this was the case and proof of BBC Scotland’s failure.

The new leader of the Scottish branch office of the English Nationalist Brexit Xenophobe Party, Vacant Carlot, refused to answer questions about his bosses’ new immigration policy. Not a single representative from the political organisation which is devoted to ensuring that Scotland must obey dictats which originate from Boris Johnson was willing to defend or explain the UK Conservative government’s changes to immigration policy. This is not unrelated to the fact that the new immigration policy has been roundly condemned by figures across Scottish business. That’s precisely what makes it newsworthy. Even the staunchly Brexit supporting CEO of the Scottish Seafood Association, the former Conservative candidate Jimmy Buchan, has warned that the…

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