The things that need to change

Wee Ginger Dug

This emergency doesn't just mean that our own behaviour has to change. The wealthy and privileged and their enablers need to change too.
Pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, and gyms have been closed. We’re getting close to a lock down situation similar to those already in force in Italy or Spain. Of course no one is happy about this. No one wants to have their freedom to move around and associate with friends and family be restricted in this way. Despite that, the great majority of people understand that it’s not only for their own good, even more it’s for the good of those who are at high risk, and most of all it’s for the good of our health services so that we can all help to ensure that the NHS can cope with those affected. Social distancing measures mean that it’s more likely that if we get infected ourselves then the NHS will be able to treat us appropriately because it won’t be overwhelmed.

As might have been expected, some people are…

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