Message for Carlaw and Leonard: New Zealand’s care homes did not expect asymptomatic cases to be tested but THEY were expected to isolate them for 14 days

Talking-up Scotland

The Editor takes full responsibility for the headline.

By stewartb:


Covid-19 testing, care homes and New Zealand

For anyone following media reports and the comments of some opposition politicians in Scotland, you could be persuaded that Scottish Government ministers aided by Scotland’s public health institutions, Scottish Government officials and independent advisors must have all got this ‘Covid-19 testing in care homes’ issue so wrong – exceptionally and uniquely, even wilfully, wrong – by implementing an approach that is completely at odds with international practice.

Is this justified? This is where ‘perspective’ is needed. Unfortunately, ‘perspective’, like that other thing contributors to the TuSC harp on about, ‘context’, is in short supply in Scotland.

Where to look?

‘New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said her country has “done what few countries have been able to do” and contained the community spread…

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