Empires come and go. Very few go out in a blaze of glory…


Empires come and go. Very few go out in a blaze of glory. Sometimes revolution gets rid of them. A few have been wiped out after being on the losing side in a war. Some have just dwindled away.

The British Empire seems to have carved out a place for itself as the empire that is dead but just will not lie down. 70-odd years after it began to fall apart, there are still people living in England (and I suspect it’s only in England) who think they are still living in the Empire, whereas in reality the Empire is hanging on desperately to its last remnants: like the Falklands, Gibraltar and a few specks in distant oceans.

A few folk appear to think the heyday of the British Empire is still with them. I’m thinking of the man who said on TV Britain had managed before the EU and…

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