Independence! Nothing less! And nothing else!

Peter A Bell

There’s a treat in The National today. Articles from one of Scotland’s smartest politicians and one of our most respected political commentators. As one would expect of Joanna Cherry and Lesley Riddoch, both articles are thoughtful and thought-provoking. Both address the constitutional issue. Which also is unsurprising. Both represent a call to action for the Yes movement – each in its different way and in the style of the author. Each poses pertinent questions and raises relevant points and seeks appropriate solutions. Each purports to be adopting a radical approach to reframing the constitutional question, reforming the Yes movement and reshaping the independence campaign.

Both, in my view, fall significantly short of what is required. Neither qualifies as what I would consider radical. Or radical enough. Both set course for that point where thinking that is merely fresh or bold tips over into thinking that is truly radical. Both approach…

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