Lets Unleash the BBC’s Potential – Addressing the Nation – The Words and Not the Words of the BBC Director General


Fake news endangers democracy and lives, says BBC boss - The National

23 Jul 2020: Lets Unleash the BBC’s Potential and Help Global Britain

BBC Director General – Tony Hall addressed the nation with an article he first sent to The Telegraph then reproduced it in the BBC blog.

The content reveals the stupeyfying insensibility of the BBC Corporation which seeks to greatly expand its investment in services that have sod all to do with the provision of entertainment and news to the British taxpayer who is required by law to purchase an annual licence.  The BBC should reverse its expansionist eegime and divert money saved to the provision of free viewing of all BBC programming to pensioners aged over 75.  Full article here: Well worth a read


A Comment: 100% of the news produced by the BBC is not fake it is just economical with the truth.

Former BBC Newsnight and Panorama journalist claims the BBC are ...

I spoofed the article redrafting it, in part, providing a more jaundiced view…

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