Interesting days

Peter A Bell

So! ‘Interesting’ day yesterday. Which is ‘interesting’ in itself as I don’t have many ‘interesting’ days. After 144 of them the lockdown days get to be a bit samey. Which suits me fine. Routine works well with my temperament. Having not set foot outside the house in five months I’ve found routine to be quite an effective coping mechanism. Like all the best coping mechanisms, I’m not really conscious of it being a coping mechanism. I just cope. It’s just my life now. I’m not ‘dealing with a very difficult situation’. I’m not in a difficult situation. I’m just in a situation. Same as always. It’s up to me whether and to what extent my situation is difficult. I choose to make it less difficult. Not difficult at all, in fact. Routine is part of that.

I’m never bored. I don’t get bored. I’m not sure I know what it’s…

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