sparing a thought for Michael

Wee Ginger Dug

it is noe

I’ve been sparing a thought for Michael Gove, The insensate Tory one and not my stroke affected leg, that is. The leg is responding to therapy, Tory Michael, is however beyond help.whether human or divine , he’s currently having some problems setting up his new union unit as the civil service have told him that it’s not the job of the civil service to pump out uncritical pro-Tory British nationalist propaganda in order to achieve the political goal of defeating Scottish independence, That’s what the BBC is for. the news of Michael’s wee setback comes on the same day that a new poll was published showing that support for independence enjoys a healthy 12% lead over the forces of nawbaggery. So that is why, charitable soul that I am, I have spared a thought for Michael from my hospital bed in the stroke rehab ward. because unlike…

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