last bell for the Tories

Wee Ginger Dug

It is a singular fact about the mal-administration of the performance artiste whose stage name is BorisJohnson that the arrogance of British Government ministers is inversely proportional to their ability to actually do their bloody jobs. nowhere is this more evident than in the office of the part time Prime minister himself, especially with regards to the great touselled bloviator himself and to his alleged eminence gris Dominic Specsavers Cummings.As opposed to the oleaginous Michael Gove who’s an eminence grease. this mob of arrogant blowhards have now been forced to put England back into lockdown having failed to foresee a second wave of the virus despite everybody and their granny warning them for months that a dangerous second wave was on the horizon, so much for the supposed super-forecasting abilities of Dominic Cummings. it is now clear that Dominic would struggle to foresast a nippy arse after eating a red…

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